Massage Therapist

Cassandra Davidson - Licensed Massage Therapist

Cassandra, you can call her Cassie, has been an Ames resident since the start of 2014.  She has been practicing massage therapy since 2009 while enhancing her technique through continuing education classes and working on a wide variety of clients.  Working on a broad variety of people through her career, she has built the ability to help people of all ages and address many dysfunctions.  Known for her deep tissue work, sports massage, and soothing pre-natal techniques, she uses a variety of strokes and manipulation to ease soreness, soothe stress, and loosen tight muscles.  She believes that the combination of chiropractic care, massage, and healthy lifestyle is the best equation to solving one’s pain issues, healing faster, and enhancing overall well being.

Do you need a massage therapist?

So, if you are in need of relaxing stress away, loosening tight muscles, or preparing for an athletic event, Cassie our massage therapist would love to help you meet those needs!  Schedule an appointment today! Look us up on Facebook or Call us at 515-207-4696.

Swedish Relaxation & Pre-Natal

*Pre-natal massages are never more than 1 hour
30 minutes- $35
60 minutes- $65
90 minutes- $95

Deep Tissue / Functional Massages

30 minutes- $40
60 minutes- $70
90 minutes- $100

Chair Massages

$1 per minute