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New Patients

Hello! We are so glad you are here and would love the opportunity to discuss your health goals and your interest in receiving chiropractic care from our office!


Schedule an appointment. 

Call us at (515) 233-9087 and schedule your consultation appointment!


Fill out paperwork. 

Print out the paperwork below and fill it out for each new patient. Remember to bring this paperwork in to your first appointment!


Come to your first appointment!

Bring your new patient paperwork and insurance cards to your first appointment. This appointment is a consultation which involves discussing your current health status and your health goals, a physical exam, and x-rays. This initial consultation is a 30 minute appointment.  


Your care will begin!

We will schedule a 15 minute follow up appointment with you to discuss your x-rays and treatment plan. You will get adjusted and your treatment plan will begin!

If you have any questions about becoming a new patient with us, please call us at (515) 233-9087. We can't wait to meet you!

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